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Activeklamp® is Class IIa device, certified for CE ve EN13485.
It is registered to the Turkish Government Ministry of Health National Medical Device Databank.
WHO approval and FDA certification is in progress.
  • Circumcision with activeklamp®
  • Circumcision with activeklamp®
  • Circumcision with activeklamp®
  • Circumcision with activeklamp®
  • Circumcision with activeklamp®

Why Modern Circumcision Devices?

There is neither bleeding nor the open wound. No need for wound neither dressing nor stitching.

- Full anatomic compatibility
- Mounted without any rotation
- Easy to use
- Easy to learn/teach
- Completely safe
- Frenilum protecting tab
- Frenilum aligning notch
- Less necrotic tissue enables faster healing
- Lighter
- More aesthetic


It protects the client and the service providers for direct and cross infection.

No Stitch No Laser

It provides full protection against penis amputation or other injuries which is frequently occur in classic circumcision procedures with stich or cautery.


The client can resume their daily activities immediately after the circumcision with activeklamp® Disposable Circumcision Device.


State of Art Design

activeklamp® disposable circumcision device has been developed by a multinational Research & Development team.


activeklamp® Disposable circumcision device

It is a single use circumcision device to enable the service providers to do circumcisions without stitch, bleeding nor infection or adverse event risqué. It has different sizes covering all ages groups from newborn to the adults. Child sizes are 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. Adult sizes are 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36. It is only the single use, anatomically compatible circumcision device developed by consulting with specialists, general practitioners and paramedics who are using actual devices in the market.

Penis Pretector

The increasing rate of obesity is affecting the circumcision results. The healing takes more time for the people who has buried penis into pubic fat. For those clients, the foreskin can cover the glans again after the circumcision procedure due to pressure of the pubic fat tissue. The Penileprotect® which has developed to solve this problem also gives comfort to the clients after the operation till the epidermis development completed.

activeklamp® Disposable circumcision kit

Due to high HIV/AIDS rate in Africa and the increasing numbers of bloodborn diseases all the surgical operations should be performed by disposable instruments wherever it is available. World Health Organization is recommending the use of disposable circumcision kits for all circumcision operations which consist of all necessary instruments for one operation.


Due to general structure of human mucosa tissue, soft tissue and intensive capillary circulation provides better healing performance for the mucosal body parts. However, this reality alters in penis. The day and night erections make the penile skin very stretched.


The intended or reflexive movements of the circumcision clients caused by fear or excitement could lead an injury for the client or service provider. The activebelt® circumcision belts are reducing this risqué by stabilizing the clients legs. It is a durable, economic and user friendly product for the circumcisers who are seeking additional comfort for the clients and themselves.


The circumcision operation is a serious surgical procedure although it seems simple. The intensive neural cells of foreskin are causing post-operative pain after circumcision. The activejel® which we are recommending to relieving the post-op penile pains is already well known and used for the post-op surgical pain management as local anesthetic.



Activeklamp® Videos

Circumcision Method with activeklamp®

Activeklamp® in Afrika


Activeklamp in East Asia


Buying an ActiveKlamp Circumcision Clinics (ACC) Franchise System Member License is a life-changing experience. There are many reasons why you should fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss, 7/24 supported client and open an ActiveKlamp Circumcision Clinic owner.

The following reasons to catch this 100% success opportunity will help you to understand why it will be a great investment.

  • 1. Turnkey Business

    Most likely, you have exactly what it takes to run a successful business but don’t have what it takes to get your business up and running. Whether it is experience, qualified human resources, concept design, or even the confidence to quit your actual job and start your own clinic. Becoming an ActiveKlamp Circumcision Clinic franchisee eliminates all the hard works: getting experiences by losing money and time, developing the business idea & team and the concept design, training the human resources, hiring reliable contractors and doing all this on-time and within your limited budget. When you buy a License for ACC Franchise System you are buying a complete turnkey business to run, not a product to sale. The ACC Franchise System Member License includes not only the system on how to run the clinic but also many other necessities involved with operating the business. Inventory and equipment required to run the clinic business are components of our franchise agreement.

    The building location specifications, rental guidance and a specified territory are also part of the package. Logo sets and trademarks have been put into place and passing along to you as well.

  • 2. Proven System in Place

    When you buy an ACC Franchise System Member License you buy a system. ACC Franchise System has an already-established system in place that you must follow. The system is designed and developed by the best experts in circumcision business worldwide. The aim of the system is to improve the overall productivity and increase sales of each clinic. Having a proven system already in place eliminates the guesswork and errors a common business owner would normally face. When you invest in to ACC Franchise System, you are going to obtain a solid proven system. Because, ACC Franchise System is an evolving commercial organism and overseeing many small details and operations to improve it continuously. The ACC Franchise System has developed a successful structure with the bugs worked out through trial and error over 20 years in circumcision business…

    Research demonstrates that overall franchises have an approximate success rate of over 90% as compared to small businesses started from scratch at only about a 15% success rate.

    The ACC Franchise System provides you a business model that has been proven to work. The ACC Franchise System experts have spent a great deal of time and energy developing the most complete overall system to pass along to you. The better system, the more success of our franchisees and we will ultimately achieve as well as you. The complete detailed system on how to successfully operate the circumcision clinic is passing to you including training, continuous support, and a reference manual. As part of the system, The ACC Franchise System spent a great deal of time analyzing methods and narrowing down the best combinations of products and services to market based on need and reports. Demographics are also evaluated, determining the most lucrative locations for the clinics. Marketing plans for pre-opening as well as ongoing operations are also components of the ACC Franchise System that is presented to new franchisees.

  • 3. Higher Likelihood of Success

    Since there is an already established successful system in place, there is a high potential of success for the ACC Franchise System clients. If you follow the system the ACC Franchise System has put in place, you should be on your way to running a very successful business on circumcision. Even new entrepreneurs with little or no experience running a business can be successful with ACC Franchise System. All franchisees benefit by having access to the ACC Franchise System established thriving system that has been in place for a long period of time. ACC Franchise System have spent years modifying and tweaking its’ system to make it the best it can be. Now, the entire experience passing along the end result to you. The ACC Franchise System includes complete information on the circumcision related products and services that are part of running the circumcision clinic as well as detailed marketing methods. An overall marketing campaign is already in place and you will receive the information on how to market locally. Further, the ACC Franchise System has done the background research necessary to determine the best circumcision clinic locations. Additionally, you are not alone as the others start their business or as you venture along with us. The ACC Franchise System presents detailed training to you on how to operate the circumcision clinic which is a major factor in your success. Continuous support is also consistently available to you. As our franchisee comes across any issues or questions, they have support from the ACC Franchise System as well as other franchisees. It is often quite advantageous to have a group of other business operators to exchange information and ideas with. A big positive that is likely to bring success to you is that there is already an established customer base and marketing team working for you. Typically customers recognize the business and know what they are all about. Some studies show that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90% as compared to only about 15% for businesses that are started from the ground up. The increased probability of success usually far outweighs any initial franchise fee and nominal royalties that are paid monthly.

    Generally speaking, as long as franchisees are willing to follow the instructions from the franchisor and take advantage of the support system they should have a very good chance of finding success.

  • 4. Corporate Image and Brand Awareness

    When you buy an ACC Franchise System Member License, you will have a well-established corporate image in addition to customer brand awareness. ACC Franchise System have already created logos along with advertising that is linked to its’ name. Therefore, as franchisees join the organization it is easier for them to obtain and retain customers.

    Since there is so much competition in the marketplace, there are a number of factors that play a part into which clinic consumers choose. It has been found that consumers not only look for decent products and services that match their needs, but also many times for well-recognized brands that are connected to the local community in some fashion.

  • 5. Easier to Obtain Financing

    Financing a franchise is typically much simpler than obtaining funding for a business starting from scratch. This can be attributed to the fact that franchises tend to have proven track records. The trademark and brand is already established; therefore a franchise business is considered a lower risk investment.

    Commercial banks are more likely to lean toward lending to franchises while at the same time offering lower default rates. In fact, there are numerous financial institutions that concentrate most of their loans on franchises, as the franchising industry has been growing at an average rate of 10-12 percent per year.

    Also, many banks offers competitive loan packages and some are providing longer terms.

  • 6. Training

    ACC Franchise System offer a 2 week training program that is held at your location. This is what makes ACC Franchise System stand out from every other business or business opportunity. The ACC Franchise System will train you to run your franchise exactly the same way other franchise locations are running. This will ensure that you are running your business efficiently and will help to eliminate any common mistakes a new business owner usually faces.

    The strong ACC Franchise System training program includes everything that you need to know about the product or service we are providing. It provides information on how equipment and supplies are obtained.

    Additionally, the training program outlines everything you need to know with regard to finding the proper location, as well as the building plans. Human resource information as far as hiring and managing employees will also be provided. A reference manual for you is also part of the training package. However, it is helpful for you to ask as many questions as necessary during the initial training and put together some of your own notes for future reference.

  • 7. Ongoing Support

    When you buy an ACC Franchise System Member License you are never alone. You will always have the support of the ACC Franchise System and the support of knowing you are part of a growing family. You will always be able to pick up the phone and ask questions to the ACC Franchise System experts.

    When you invest in ACC Franchise System there is a structured support system already in place by the ACC Franchise System. The ACC Franchise System intends to provide continuous assistance to all franchisees within the organization.

    Scheduled contacts to you are made by specified personnel with regards to marketing, technology, and any training that is needed. Additionally, you can contact with the main office at any time as questions or concerns arise.

  • 8 . Marketing

    There is no need to worry about advertising material and method for your clinic. The ACC Franchise System takes care of handling all of the marketing. You will have an outline for you to follow.

    ACC Franchise System has a comprehensive marketing plan in place for the overall franchise. The marketing plan includes the templates for the advertising campaigns, commercial via television and radio, Internet advertising, public relations, and direct mail efforts. You will also be linked into the ACC Franchise System’s main web site to make sure you receive the local interest from your territory.

    Marketing materials such as brochures and flyers will also be helpful in getting the word out about a particular clinic in the area. You may add sections to provide information about specials that would attract new customers.

  • 9 . Exclusive Territory

    When you buy an ACC Franchise System Member License you are also buying an exclusive territory in which to do business. ACC Franchise System will only allow a certain amount of franchises to be open within a certain geographical region. You will be entitled to a certain area and no other franchises within ACC Franchise System can be open within that area.

    Additionally, you should consider to being a Master or Area License owner for your city, region or country. The cost of the Master, Area and Member Licenses will be calculated by the total population, local population growth rate and circumcision rate in territory level.

    The Master or Area License owners will able to sale the Member Licenses to the others and control all the territory they have covered by their Franchise Disclosure Agreement. The great advantage of ACC Franchise System is it is enabling the License Owners to sale & transfer licenses to the others within their territory.

  • 10. Own Multiple Locations

    Being a member of ACC Franchise System will always offer you more opportunities to grow within the system. Once you have become a successful clinic owner the next step is to become a multi-unit Clinic Chain owner.

    After you have one successful clinic with a great management team, you can focus on opening a second location. Multi-unit clinic owners manage more than one location and are able to sometimes double their income by taking on more than one location. Owning multiple clinic locations can be very lucrative.


  • Circumcisionkit®
  • disposable circumcision kit
  • 50.00₺
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    • activeklamp® disposable circumcision device
    • Penile Protect® Post circumcision penile protector
    • activekit®
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  • activecream®
  • post circumcision cream
  • 20.00 ₺
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    • activeklamp® disposable circumcision device
    • -
    • -
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  • activebelt®
  • circumcision belt
  • 70.00 ₺
  • + Show feature
    • activeklamp® disposable circumcision device
    • Penile Protect® Post circumcision penile protector
    • activeSet®
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